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Esperanza Mayobre : Brooklyn

Where in your city would be the best place to lose track of time, freeze time or gain time?

At the parks; it’s easy to get lost in time in them.  One of my favorites is Prospect Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and opened in 1867...

Artists’ Cities
Photo by Guillén Pérez, taken from Flickr:

Iosu Aramburu : Lima

Where is the best place to watch the sunset in your city?

A few days ago I got on the 1 line of the metro (an elevated train that runs through the city from one extreme to the other) at...

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CUERNAVACA - There is a common tree here in Cuernavaca locally known as Tabachin (Delonix regia; also known as Poinciana or Flamboyant tree). This red flowering tree produces a long seed pod, one of which John Cage used as an instrument in his 1975 composition... More

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