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Repoliticizing Modernity: Military Spectacles in Venezuela

Excerpted from her book Spectacular Modernity, Lisa Blackmore’s statement posits that the political, social, and cultural forces that converged to create Venezuela’s “modern spirit” in the mid-20th century unfolded as a spectacle, revealing the spaces, practices, and aspects of life comprising the combined aesthetic and political agenda of its power relations. More

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Although having only traveled between her family's summer home near her native Boston prior to her marriage to the scientist Louis Agassiz, Elizabeth Agassiz proved herself an intrepid expedition member and acute observer of life in Brazil when she accompanied her husband there from 1865-72. Katherine Manthorne recounts Elizabeth Agassiz' crucial contributions to knowledge about 19th-century Brazil's natural and cultural circumstances. More

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Traveling in Chile and Brazil in the early nineteenth century, Maria Graham distinguished herself as a naturalist, diarist, and artist, bringing her first-hand visual and verbal accounts of her journeys to a fascinated audience back home in England. Art historian Katherine Manthorne provides an overview of Graham's remarkable accomplishments. More

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