Art and Ideas from Latin America
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LIMA — Lima sprawls over an arid landscape—between the ocean and the mountains—full of pre-hispanic remnants forgotten by modernity, that are now reappearing like palimpsests in the fog of a capital city that is characterized by its historic fusion. More

Artists’ Cities

Fernanda Laguna : Buenos Aires

Which building or intersection in the city would make us think that we are in the future?

The ads that surround the Obelisk on Avenida 9 de Julio (the widest avenue in the world!) that are made from LED lights. 

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RECIFE — Let’s try to subvert the inferiority complex that might be attached to the term “peripheral” when used to map the agents, places and proposals of Recife’s artistic landscape; the usual ones, the resistant ones, and the ones that continue daring to risk. More

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