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Actions and Reactions in Art and Politics

Ileana Ramírez is organizer of this year's Seminario Fundación Cisneros, "Disruptions," which will focus on connections between art and politics in Latin America through a one-day conference in addition to parallel programming. Additionally, six texts for the CPPC website have been especially commissioned that will augment "Disruptions' themes. More


Registration is now open for the seventh edition of Seminario Fundación Cisneros, "Disruptions: Dilemmas regarding the image in contemporaneity" which will take place March 16, 2018 at Centro Cultural Chacao in Caracas. More

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Breaking the Frame

Zanna Gilbert, from the Getty Research Institute, and Pia Gottschaller, from the Getty Conservation Institute, demonstrate how Argentine artists working in the 1940s broke the tradition of painting-as-window with shaped paintings (marcos recortados) and works that even pushed beyond the wall to blur the boundary between sculpture and painting. Watch Video

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