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From exhibition catalogs to monographs, our publications have remained rigorously consistent with our mission of supporting scholarly research and a deeper understanding of art from Latin America.

The urgent need to compile primary-sourced information from the region has shaped several editorial initiatives dedicated to preserving firsthand accounts from leading artists and intellectuals, including the bilingual Conversaciones/Conversations series that launched in 2010.

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2003 Mar


Catalogue that accompanied the exhibition "Geometrías: abstracción geométrica latinoamericana en la Colección Cisneros."

2003 Mar

Manaka, en el corazón del Orinoco

Book comprising documents and written and oral testimonies.

2002 Oct

Auguste Morisot: un pintor en el Orinoco, 1886-1887

This edition features sketches and watercolors of Venezuela’s exuberant fauna and flora as well as portraits and images depicting indigenous life, created by Auguste Morisot during his journey to the Orinoco between 1886 and 1887.

2002 Aug

American Utopias

This book reviews an ideological conflict between the concepts of universality and specificity within the framework of modern Venezuelan art.

2002 Jul


Catalogue that accompanied the exhibition "Paralelos: Arte brasileira da segunda metade e do século XX em contexto" at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Rio de Janeiro.

2002 Apr

Diario de Auguste Morisot, 1886–1887

In his diary, the French artist and draughtsman Auguste Morisot relates the story of his expedition, along with the French explorer Jean Chaffanjon, to the sources of the Orinoco River in 1886.

2002 Mar


Catalogue that accompanied the exhibition "Paralelos: Arte brasileira da segunda metade e do século XX em contexto."

2001 Aug

Misal Rico de Cisneros

This publication is an analysis of the Misal Rico de Cisneros, the Mass Book of the high altar at the Catedral de Toledo, which is currently kept in the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

2001 May

La vida cotidiana en Venezuela durante el Período Hispánico

An exploration of the quotidian existence of colonial Venezuela, highlighting the intricacies of the daily life of a group of men and women who labored to create the cultural and economic roots of modern Venezuela.

2001 Mar

William H. Phelps en la memoria de su nieto John Phelps

John Phelps reconstructs the life of his grandfather, William H. Phelps, preserving the legacy of the “instructive life” of a successful businessman, father, outstanding scientist, and exemplary Venezuelan citizen.

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