• March 21, 2024

Zona de despeje 9

The ninth iteration of Zona de despeje, organized by Tráfico Visual, focuses on the work of photographer Alexander Longa. This event will take place on Thursday, March 21 at 4:00 p.m. at the Centro de Arte Los Galpones (G17) and will explore Longa’s early work in photography and his interest in exploring Caracas through digital imagery.

During the conversation, moderated by Ileana Ramírez, Longa will present a selection from his recent series and engage in a discussion on the elements of photography that influence his creative process. Longa will also recount his experiences within digital communities and and will review some of his zine prototypes and independent publications that he is currently producing. For Longa, it is essential to establish dialogues by exchanging knowledge and experiences around photography.

Alexander Longa (2001) is from Caracas and began his self-taught photographic journey in 2019. His work is oriented toward street photography as an exploration of his everyday life through the camera. Longa has participated in contests like Artista joven del mes as well various exhibitions in venues such as: Galería de Arte Nacional (Caracas, 2023), Faena Showroom (Caracas, 2022), Rozou Project, (Ukraine, 2023), and Void Tokyo (Japan, 2023). He has also participated in collective publications such as The Street Photographer Notebook (Mexico, 2023) and Progressive Street (USA, 2024).

Zona de despeje was originally conceived as a series of talks and meetings organized by Tráfico Visual with the support of allied institutions, aiming to discuss and highlight initiatives, movements, and new trends that, although sometimes peripheral, represent axes that resonate within the languages of contemporary culture in Venezuela. Zona de despeje is possible, in part, thanks to the initial support of the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

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Image: Alexander Longa, Untitled, 2023. Digital photography.