Seminario Fundación Cisneros

The Fundación Cisneros Seminar is an annual initiative for the interdisciplinary study of modern and contemporary art and culture, with a special focus on the art of Latin America. Through a dynamic event combining the model of Pecha Kucha and symposium, the Fundación Cisneros Seminar invites artists, curators, art critics and producers in other disciplines as well as the general public to think about the various genealogies and languages ​​that operate simultaneously in the cultural field.

Arte en contexto

Through a series of meetings open to the public to discuss and debate current issues in the field of art and its trans-disciplinary connections, Arte en contexto [Art in Context] aims to bring the artistic community together to foster reflection and debate on art practices in a context of production, distribution, and spaces of mediation. Through partnerships with cultural institutions, the FC/CPPC will promote dialogue and critical thinking to give visibility to art issues within their own context, while offering tools that contribute to the generation of knowledge among its attendees.


In this series of lectures, aimed at students and the general audience, Discusiones comprises a space to access issues and problems related to the visual arts, architecture, music, literature, design, and film. Through partnerships with universities and cultural institutions in Venezeula and with insightful dialog with subject specialists, the FC/CPPC seeks to expand and enrich the acquired knowledge in particular fields through participants, and to awaken the critical capacity and necessary aptitude to approach art from multiple perspectives.

Conexiones Emergentes

Launched in 2012 in Caracas, Conexiones Emergentes is a meeting point for emerging Venezuelan artists, art students and/or self-taught professionals with key players in the local art scene: curators, journalists, artists and cultural promoters. The program gives young artists a platform for public dissemination, in order to give them an opportunity to present and discuss their proposals and artistic creations. At the same time, Conexiones Emergentes provides a space for cultural producers to get in touch with the work of these young artists, thus facilitating the encounters of new players with the artistic circles. This interaction promotes the generation of enriching dialogues that benefit both groups.

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