Víctor Rosales is Selected for Artist Residency at Macolla Creativa

October 9, 2017

During the month of September, Macolla Creativa received fifty applications—from artists from fourteen states in Venezuela—in its first national open call. This process helped us to understand what is happening in the country outside of the capital in terms of creation, research, and development of visual arts languages.  

Víctor Rosales' profile and proposal are framed within the criteria of the open call. Víctor Rosales works with a contemporary urban language that could be enriched with his experience during the residency. Rosales appropriates elements and symbols of an imaginary that is rooted in his place of action, but which also speaks of time, space, and speed as universal data that could be transferred perfectly to the reality of Caracas or any other metropolis. In addition, the versatility of the use of different resources and means allows Rosales greater freedom in the investigation of his work

Víctor Rosales was born in Maracaibo in the state of Zulia. He is thirty-one years old and has a degree in graphic design from the Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín. 


The residency will take place October 20–30, 2017 in La Pastora Caracas.  


We thank all of the artists who applied for this open call: Analy Trejo, Miguel Nicorsin, Jefferson Parra, Aquiles Cavallaro Orence, José Noé Godoy, Asdrúbal Figueroa, Gabriela García, Miguel Castro, Lesly González Chacón, Gabriela Moreno, Diana Ferrer Rojas, Peter Andrés, Luis Rojas, Onai Quiñonez, Raúl Rodríguez, Mayrene Medina, María Herrera, Jilly Vergara, Jesús Rodríguez, Katty Rodríguez, Elizabeth Chirinos, Eduardo Vargas Rico, Aymara Monsalve, Yholfran Ochoa, Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra, Ronald Sánchez, Douglas Bermúdez, Siul Rasse, Carlos Jairran, Víctor Rosales, Shamir Andrei Jiménez, Argelio Espina, Bárbara Bolívar, Elvis Joan Suarez, Gabriel Pérez, Tibaldo Ríos, Malvís Meza, David Montoya, Estefanía Prada, José Bonilla, Edwin García, José Camacho, Rebeca Solórzano, Carlos Guayaban, Alba Izaguirre, Joel García, Adrián Preciado, William Marquina, Jesús Martínez y Jesús Bello. 


The selection of finalists was made by a committee that included: Rafael Romero (CPPC); Ileana Ramírez (Tráfico Visual); Katherine Chacón (curator); Susana Benko (curator); Malu Valerio and Prada Colón (Taller Abierto by Macolla Creativa); Rafael Arteaga; Desireé Chique; and Julio Loaiza (Marcolla Creativa)