Dens of Tradition

May 14, 2014

CARACAS — Bookstores are the places of thought par excellence. In them, one can find writings that outline oneself. Legacies of every type of tradition are arranged in narrow aisles or spacious bookcases, in organized libraries or stacked piles of books. Each place devoted to the sales of books seems to impart a sense of calm, a calm that exists between the public and the private.

Each bookstore also seems to be imbued with the potential for deciphering a part of the world. Books are set up, displayed and arranged opposite one another, in front of those who seek or, better yet, want to be found. This is why bookstores are endless, no matter how small their size. It is the symbolic dimension of a large number of orders in constant movement, and infinite possible encounters.  


Fondo de Cultura Economica

The Fondo de Cultura Económica opened its first bookstore in Caracas in 1974. A second location was established on Francisco Solano Avenue in 1999. It is looked after with great attention and warmth, comparable only to the immense number of titles it offers. 


Fondo de Cultura Económica

The Fondo de Cultura Económica bookstore has maintained a constant presence in the Venezuelan literary world, especially in universities. The publishing label has also facilitated better distribution of its publications to other bookstores in the city. 


El Buscón

El Buscón, librería de ocasión specializes in rare, out-of-print books, first editions and artist’s books. It is located in the middle of the cultural center El Trasnocho, in the Centro Comercial Paseo Las Mercedes. 


El Buscón

Since 2003, El Buscón has continued the long tradition of the sale of used books and the appraisal of special editions. It has also been the venue for numerous events that are and will continue to be key players in the cultural life of Caracas.  


La gran pulpería del libro

After one move and two decades of trajectory, La gran pulpería del libro has been relocated on the Tercera Transversal of the Avenida de las Delicias and Solano Avenue for fifteen years. This temple of books testifies that the most coveted volume can be sometimes found in the least expected location. 


La gran pulpería del libro

Even from a distance, the endless number of treasures in La gran pulpería del libro are apparent. The encounters inside its confines encourage searching and discovering. There are not only books to be found here, but also curious objects that abound through this great labyrinth. 


Librería Lugar Común

La Librería Lugar Común arose as a response to the book crisis in Venezuela. Following the footsteps of the publishing house of the same name, its establishment highlights the Lugar Común group’s commitment to the country’s culture, especially to the literary world. 

Librería Lugar Común opened its doors in 2013, and after little more than a year and a half, aside from being a book haven, it has also hosted more than two hundred cultural events and weekly workshops. Lugar Común has established itself as a cultural center and a meeting place for diverse audiences, and winks at Caracas by working for a true citizenship through culture.