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Miguel Miguel García

Venezuelan curator, museographer, researcher, and art critic, Miguel Miguel lives and works in Caracas.

Mario García Torres

Mario García Torres is an artist living in Mexico City.

Juan Pablo Garza

Juan Pablo Garza (Maracaibo, 1980) completed studies at the Julio Vengoechea School with the photographers Alvaro Silva and Alejandro Vásquez (1998-1999) and at Miami Dade College with the artist Teresa Dihel (2002-2004).

Augusto Gerardi

Augusto Gerardi (Caracas, 1989) is an artist and researcher who works with the relation between art, life, politics, and digital media.

Zanna Gilbert

Zanna Gilbert is a research specialist at the Getty Research Institute, and the co-curator of Making Art Concrete at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Mónica Giron

Mónica Giron was born in 1959 in Patagonia. She got a diploma in three-dimensional expression and art proficiency from the School of Visual Arts in Geneva, Switzerland in 1984.

Jacqueline Goldberg

Jacqueline Goldberg (Maracaibo, 1966) has a PhD in Social Sciences from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and a Bachelor of Arts from the Universidad del Zulia.

Dulce Gómez

Dulce Gómez (Caracas, Venezuela, 1967) lives and works in Caracas. She studied art at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Cristóbal Rojas between 1983 and 1986.

Julián Sánchez González

Julián Sánchez González is a Fulbright-Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia fellow pursuing a Masters program in Art History at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts.

Pia Gottschaller

Dr Pia Gottschaller is a technical art historian with a focus on modern and contemporary art from Europe, North America and Latin America.

Rosario Inés Granados

Rosario Inés Granados is a Mexican art historian of religious material culture. She currently works as the Marilynn Thoma Associate Curator of the Spanish Americas at the Blanton Museum of Art.