Santiago Roldós

Santiago Roldós (Guayaquil, 1970). Actor, director, playwright, journalist and professor. He came to theater after absurdities of power prevailed over his affections: his parents died in 1981, in circumstances never clarified; his father being Jaime Roldós, President of Ecuador and regional leader of the fight against Operation Condor. After being exiled and studying in Mexico, he founded in Spain—alongside the actress and teacher Pilar Aranda—El Muégano Teatro, one of the most important Latin American theater groups today. Returning to Guayaquil—its reactionary conservatism and cultural aridity seeming dialectically propitious for radicalizing their theater against the current— they created and directed the Laboratorio de Teatro Independiente y la Carrera de Teatro del Instituto Superior de Artes del Ecuador (ITAE). The winner of two journalism awards from the newspaper Diario El Comercio in Quito (2006 and 2013) and of the 6th Muestra de Teatro de Barcelona (2001), Roldós published in 2006 a collection of his writings for press: Lecturas para zombis suicidas (Paradiso). Included in anthologies of Ecuadorean theater (Casa de las Américas, Cuba 2014 and Universidad Científica del Sur, Perú 2012), his works Juguete cerca de la violencia; El viejo truco del círculo de tiza; Karaoke Orquestra Vacía o Pequeño ensayo sobre la soledad—among others—have been performed in festivals in Cádiz, Manizales, Alternativo in Bogotá, Recife, São Paulo, ELTI in Buenos Aires, Translatines, etc.; he has taught playwriting workshops in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Roldós is currently Co-Director, with Pilar Aranda,  of the Espacio Muégano Teatro, a stage research center, lab school and artistic platform for dissidence.

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2014