Roberto Mata

Roberto Mata is a self-taught photographer. In the eighties he began his professional experience in El Nacional (Pandora, Feriado, Papel Literario). In 1993 he opened a photography school, from which more than four thousand students have graduated. Along with teaching, he has worked in advertising, editorial, and corporate photography, collaborating in media such as Gatopardo, Complot, Estampas, +Salud and Mono. He has received several awards, including the Second Prize from the Christian Dior Biennial (1995), the Sebastian Garrido Prize at the V Biennial of Art of Puerto La Cruz (2001) and Grand Prix 31° Salón Nacional de Arte Aragua (2006). He is the photography editor of the literary journalism magazine 

Photo by Omar Salas.

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2015