#PecesDelGuaire defines itself as a political protest action in charge of a Disarmed Collective, composed of creators and performers of the live arts. It arose in Venezuela during the events of 2017, when a group of protesters was forced to cross the Guaire river while fleeing from the public forces, and the social networks of the Ministry of Culture broadcast a photograph next to the text: "Render unto God what is God’s, to Caesar what is Caesar’s, to Guaire what is Guaire’s.”

It would have been more of a virtual gesture, if not for the fact that the Guaire river collects the sewage of Caracas and its water stream is made up of excrement. Before a cycle of protests that each time were more violent, this Disarmed Collective decided to offer a collective protest space, peaceful and creative but also inclusive, common, and open. For twelve weeks, this group met in the Hall Cabrujas de los Palos Grandes to carry out political actions from the performative exercise. Actresses, actors, directors, musicians, dancers, photographers, writers, all put their work at the service of the citizenry, serving as a catharsis that allows the theater and its political powers to activate reflection, in the face of necessary urgency.

The main objective was never the spectacularity or the aesthetic achievement of each intervention, but the possibility of creating discussions, of recognizing the other, of meeting again and being able to defend  freedom of expression, free thought, and citizens’ responsible exercise of protest. The incident was just the starting point.

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2018