Olga Herreño Pardo

As a consultant, Herreño Pardo facilitates projects of cultural change and human development at the corporate level with Ericksonian Hypnosis and systematic configurations being her principal tools. Her therapeutic practice has focused on opening roads to self-awareness, essential for improvement and harmony in relationship with oneself, others, and the environment. She has recently included techniques for the development of spiritual intelligence through individual consultation with corporate leaders and groups.

In 2013, she created Harmonio SAS in Bogotá, an institution she leads that is dedicated to developing consulting strategies tailored to suit customer needs. She was a speaker and workshop leader in the 4th International Congress of Integrative Medicine organized by FUCS (Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud). Herreño Pardo  has over 20 years’ experience in companies from various sectors of the economy where she has performed, among other functions, the role of managing director, head of business improvement projects, and the leader of a collective bargaining table.

Herreño Pardo completed coursework for a Master of Ericksonian Psychotherapy at the Centro Ericksoniano de México (credits completed in January 2016, certification process). She has training in Culture of Peace and Forgiveness (Universidad Iberoamericana de México); facilitator in Systemic Family Constellations (Sowelu México-Central Luminoso); spiritual healing with archetypes (Colin Bloy Center of Zurich); spiritual healing bioenergy with focus on core energy (Berkana México-Colombia); facilitator in regressive therapies for adults (Spanish Association Regressive Therapy-AETRA).

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2017