Lisa Blackmore

Lisa Blackmore has a PhD in Latin American Cultural Studies (Birkbeck College, 2011). She is the author of Spectacular Modernity: Dictatorship, Space and Visuality in Venezuela 1948-1958 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017), co-editor of Downward Spiral: El Helicoide's Descent from Mall to Prison (Urban Research, 2017), and co-director of the research film Después de Trujillo (2016). Lisa has lectured at universities in Venezuela and the UK. Since 2014, she has been Postdoctoral Researcher on the project “Modernity and the Landscape in Latin America: Politics, Aesthetics, Ecology” at the University of Zurich. In Fall 2017, she joins the University of Essex as Lecturer in Art History and Interdisciplinary Studies.