Carlos Sánchez Torrealba

With the artistic and artisanal heritage from his mother, father and grandparents, Sánchez Torrealba has been devoted to theater and singing, art, and communication since he was little.

He has traveled the world and is a graduate of the Escuela de Artes de la Universidad Central de Venezuela, where he has also served as a visiting professor and researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Educativas y Culturales TEBAS.

Sánchez Torrealba has been doing theater for forty-six years, the last thirty years with the Taller Experimental de Teatro where he is an actor in the permanent cast, as well as Manager of the Centro de Creación Artística TET; a teacher; and the programs coordinator.

He has worked on numerous social projects dedicated rural children and youth; formal and informal education;  writing, producing and directing for theater, radio and television; cultural management with emphasis on socio-cultural development and the art of building citizenship, in a democratic sense, for human welfare.

He has been the recipient of awards: the Premio Juana Sujo for Best Actor in a Cast; Best Actor, presented at the X Festival Internacional de Teatro Experimental de El Cairo; and the Orden Mérito al Trabajo presented by the Venezuelan State for twenty-five years of cultural service to the country.

Photo by Naky Soto

Participant in Seminario Fundación Cisneros 2014