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Orinoco-Parima. Comunidades Indígenas del Sur de Venezuela

Authors: Stephan Andreae, Luiz Boglár, Lelia Delgado, Gabriele Herzog-Schoder, Marie-Claude Mattéi-Muller and Ulrike Prinz

Year: 1999

Languages: Spanish, English, and German

ISBN: 980-6454-01-4

This ethnographic compendium documents the twelve indigenous communities of the Venezuelan Orinoco River basin whose hand-crafted implements make up the Colección Orinoco. These are: De’áruwa (Piaroa), Ye’kuana, Yanomami, Híwi (Guahibo), E’ñepa (Panare), Wakuénai (Curripaco), Baniva, Baré, Puinave, Warekena, Tsase (Píapoco) y Hoti. This publication is distributed in German and English by Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bonn, Germany.

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