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¿Qué es el arte moderno para ti?

Centro León
Santiago de los Caballeros
Dominican Republic
February 17 – May 29, 2011

¿Qué es el arte moderno para ti? [What is modern art to you?] is the first exhibition based on the Piensa en arte/Think Art arts-in-education platform that introduces creative, critical thinking and problem-solving processes, similar to those that artists apply when producing their work, to traditional  educational settings to provoke active questioning, interdisciplinary thinking and interpretation.

Focusing on modern art, and its multiplicity of perspectives and readings, ¿Qué es el arte moderno para ti? is designed to promote in viewers dialogue, questioning and reflection about works of art by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Georges Braque, among others. The exhibition presents several key questions, relevant to modern art and still pertinent to contemporary artists today, including:  How would you represent movement in time and space?, How would you question what we perceive as reality?, How can we question art history from a “modern” perspective? and How are modern art problems addressed in the art of today? Additionally, works by several contemporary Dominican artists that address issues similar to the modern works of art will be presented in the exhibition to promote further thought and reflection.

For more information visit the ¿Qué es el arte moderno para ti? web blog

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