Miguel A. López

Miguel A. López (Lima, 1983) is a writer, researcher, and Chief Curator of TEOR/éTica and Lado V in San Jose, Costa Rica. His work investigates collaborative dynamics and transformations in the understanding of and engagement with politics in Latin America in recent decades. His work also focuses on queer re-articulations of history from a Southern perspective. He has published in periodicals such as AfterallramonaManifesta Journale-flux Journal, Art in America, ArtNexus, Art Journal, and The Exhibitionist, among others. He has recently curated Frágiles. Obras de Patricia Belli, 1986 – 2015 at TEOR/éTica, San José (2016); Teresa Burga. Estructuras de aire (with Agustín Pérez Rubio) at the MALBA, Buenos Aires (2015) and the section 'God is Queer' for the 31 Bienal de São Paulo (2014). Among others, recent publications include El dedo en la llaga / To Hit a Raw Nerve. Jaime Higa, 1982 – 2015 (ICPNA, 2016); Caderno Sesc_Videobrasil 11: Alianças de Corpos Vulneráveis (Videobrasil, 2015); and two monographic books on the queer aesthetics of Sergio Zevallos, The obscene death. Sergio Zevallos. Drawings 1982 – 1987 (AMIL, 2015) and A wandering body. Sergio Zevallos in the Grupo Chaclacayo, 1982 – 1994 (MALI, 2014). López is co-founder of the independent art space Bisagra, active in Lima, Peru, since 2014.